Our Vision & Who We Are

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Nail Fashion to Dream Big, Sparkle More, & Shine Brighter



In fashion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  No matter what you're looking for, we have something that will match your mood and fashion style with our Color Street Nail Polish!

"Nothing improves your mood like a new manicure" 



 We believe that every woman can be her own boss, dreamer, and recognize her brilliance within. 




The colors are vibrant, the finishes glossy, and they easily adhere to the nail instantly. These stunning nail polish strips keep their good looks up to 10 days or beyond, and they’re easy to remove with any nail polish remover. Imagine a room full of women, connecting, sharing stories, and chatting about fashion. What is the accessory that makes every look complete? Nail fashion of course! “Social selling” is the perfect way to share these magnificent nail strips: after all, in the busy world we live in, who doesn’t like to get together for some fun down time?